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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Manager app language
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 16:59:28 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
Also, since the manager app is an administrative function, one would expect
  that responsibility to be handled in-country..

Yeah, thought of that too. Ok, I guess it is acceptable for the Manager.

> As I mentioned previously, the user.language setting can be changed on the fly.
   If a webapp altered it before the first reference to the manager app,
  that would affect the response of the manager.

I missed that before.
Do you really mean that one webapp can change that setting and thus 
influence other webapps that way ?
If Tomcat <Host> has autoDeploy=true, is that still valid ?

> One question remains unanswered: was Tomcat restarted between the English -> Deutsch
  and then again between the Deutsch -> English one?
   If your server's locale file was somehow unavailable
that is unlikely

I mean that I certinly restarted Tomcat several times in the last week, 
including probably in-between the Manager language changes.  But I did 
not change the LANG environment value in the modified,bcause 
that makes one of other apps fail visibly, and that did not happen.

I will try tonight again.  We do have one webapp that has its own 
properties file and changes its language on the fly (at user request). 
I'll have to ask the colleague tomorrow if it also resets the system's 
user.language setting.  Better, I'll try it.

I will also play again with the LANG environment setting of the overall 
Tomcat, to see if the Manager switches.
Today it was still English, on all stations.
I'm really glad I took a snapshot the other day, and had a colleague try 
it, or else people around me would think I imagined the whole thing.

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