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From André Warnier>
Subject load-on-startup
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 11:02:00 GMT

About the <load-on-startup> item in web.xml, the Servlet Spec 2.5 has 
this to say (p 128) :

The load-on-startup element indicates that this
servlet should be loaded (instantiated and have
its init() called) on the startup of the web
application. The optional contents of these
element must be an integer indicating the order in
which the servlet should be loaded. If the value
is a negative integer, or the element is not
present, the container is free to load the servlet
whenever it chooses. If the value is a positive
integer or 0, the container must load and
initialize the servlet as the application is
deployed. The container must guarantee that
servlets marked with lower integers are loaded
before servlets marked with higher integers. The
container may choose the order of loading of
servlets with the same load-on-start-up value.

My questions are :

1) In the case of Tomcat 5.5 and higher, is there a way to *prevent* a 
deployed application to be loaded and/or started at Tomcat startup ?
(basically only be started when the first call to it is made)

2) what is the interpretation of a missing <load-on-startup> tag ?

A related question :

Using the Tomcat Manager app, I can "stop" and "start" an application.
What really happens there, internally ?  What does it mean that an 
application is stopped ? Does it mean that from now on Tomcat somehow 
"catches" the calls to these URLs, and diverts them to some internal 
webapp that responds : no such application, or ?


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