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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: User Request Ordering
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 19:13:53 GMT
Clifton B. Sothoron Jr. wrote:
> I have a Tomcat 6.0 Web application with a number of buttons on the
> screen. Some of them execute quickly, some more slowly.  However, they
> need to execute in order. When a user clicks on a slow button and then
> clicks on a fast button Tomcat needs to wait for the results of the slow
> button before moving on to the fast executing button. However, this is
> not happening. The results of the fast button are disrupting the results
> of the slow button.  How do I configure Tomcat to process user requests
> in order?
You can not, and this has nothing to do with Tomcat per se.

I would say that this is a case of a badly-designed user interface.
It should not be possible for the user to click several buttons, if the 
result is so that it might cause trouble in the application. You need to 
control that at the user interface level, which means in the html page 
itself (or applet, if that is what you use).  The inappropriate buttons 
should be disabled (and visibly so for the user), and only enabled when 
it is "legal" for the user to click them, in other words when the 
response from the previous logical action has been received.

At the most, what any HTTP server (Tomcat being one of many) could do, 
is to keep some track of a "user session", that would allow an 
application, at the server side, to notice that some pre-requisite for 
the current request has not been met (like, this other action that 
should have been done before, has not been done yet), and return an 
error to the user.  But that would be quite difficult for the user to 
understand, in addition to loading your application with invalid 
requests.  It would be more logical to prevent this at the source, no ?
(In fact, for security and reliability you need to do both, and not 
absolutely rely on a user-side page that can be manipulated).

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