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From Alexey Ousov <>
Subject Configuring JNDI resources
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 09:19:23 GMT
Hello All!
I have a simple but important question about JNDI configuration in 
Tomcat 5.5. As I know, Tomcat 5.5 introduces new syntax, for example I 
have the following resource:

<Resource name="jdbc/ODEdatabaseConnection" auth="Container" 
  userName="***" password="***"
  database="M:\Lib\__Data\firebird\TE-FULL.gdb" pooling="false"/>

Everything is fine, except I need to pass another one property to 
FBConnectionPoolDataSource, and unfortunately this property is named 
"setType(String)", but I cannot have two attributes named "type" in one 
element. While using old syntax with <ResourceParams.../> it was 
possible. Is it possible to pass "type" property with new syntax?

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