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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: log POST data
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:50:33 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> The only legal ways I know of are to call getReader and getInputStream.
> Those are easily handled as I've laid out in previous posts.
Can you point me to one of these posts ?
Because at the moment, I don't see this so easily.
I assume we can be talking about a POST submitted as 
multi-part/form-data.  So the body may be large, and it can be read only 
once. You'd need to read it all (binary) and log it while saving it 
somewhere on disk.
Then when the getReader or getInputStream call comes, open that saved 
file instead of the original request body.
Considering the possible volume, not something you would really want to 
send to the usual logging mechanism.
Would that work ? It would at least be distorting some of the error 
conditions, no ?

Now that I re-read this, why not just dump the request as it is in some 
work directory, and leave it there as its own log.  Maybe each request 
with a companion header file containing URL, headers, conditions, time, 
etc.. Or else, log these parameters normally to the logfile, but also 
log the name of the file containing the dumped request body.

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