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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Monitoring Tomcat availability in a load balanced capacity
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 17:42:14 GMT
We're running two Tomcat (5.5.16) instances in a load-balanced capacity 
behind an Apache server (2.0.55 w/ mod j/k 1.2.14).

We'd like to set up some sort of monitoring that would allow us to not 
just check to see if the Tomcat Java processes are still running (that's 
easy) but to actually connect to each web server (either independently 
or via the load-balancer) and verify that a certain page can be returned.

Since we're connecting to Tomcat via an Apache load-balancer, we don't 
know of a way to force the load-balancer to go to a certain Tomcat 
instance.  Additionally, we don't know how to speak mod j/k so we can't 
fake a direct connection to each Tomcat instance.

Does anyone know of a way or a product (commercial or open-source) to 
achieve this?



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