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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat threads, II
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:41:55 GMT
David kerber wrote:
> Pid wrote:
> ...
>> Having said that, parsing XML can be a memory intensive operation as
>> well, so your old box could be experiencing problems there - check the
>> garbage collection log.
>> p
> I try to avoid XML for this exact reason.  We found that our application 
> could handle between 6 and 10 times more concurrent requests on the same 
> hardware when we went away from XML data transmission, and switched to a 
> simple text-based HTTP POST request.
> D
Thank you all very much.
But, as mentioned before, I have no choice about the XML.  That's how 
the application works, and we don't have the code.
We have already tried - because that is one thing we can do - to split 
the XML data into smaller chunks, but that does not seem to have any 
significant impact.

We do really like the application though. So before I decide to junk it, 
we will make further tests on a better server.
But my question now was, apart from the things I cannot change, what 
could I try changing on the current test server, to see if it makes any 
difference ? Should I give more/less meory to Tomcat or Java, and if yes 
how ?  Can I tell Tomcat/Java to start this application, but use only 
some maximum percentage of the memory/cpu time while doing so ?

I also do not know where to look for the garbage collection log. Hints 
anyone ? And what should I look for in there ?
Is there any way, from the outside of the application, that I can check 
what exactly the application is busy doing, when it is starting up ?

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