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From André Warnier>
Subject Tomcat threads
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:56:08 GMT

Only for my own intellectual advancement in matters Tomcat :

On this page :
, referring to the third paragraph of the Introduction.

This paragraph explains that Tomcat will start additional threads as 
required to process incoming requests on the Connector, up to the 
(possible) maximum indicated by maxThreads.

Am I right in assuming that, as soon as one of these threads is done 
processing his current request, it disappears again ? Or does it stick 
around doing nothing for a while ?

And is there a "minThread" setting, or is that automatically 1, the one 
thread listening for new requests ?

Also, in terms of thread memory usage : when on a Linux system, one 
looks at a "top" display with an idle single Tomcat (thread ? process ?) 
and sees it using e.g. "250m" of memory, is that memory really used at 
that point ?
And if 3 requests were to come in very rapidly, resulting in 3 new 
threads being started, would each of these threads really require "250m" 
bytes in order to run ?

(Maybe I should add that my knowledge about Java threads is minimal, if 
it does not already show evidently above).


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