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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Manager app language
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 16:24:27 GMT
> From: André Warnier []
> Subject: Re: Manager app language
> It means that despite its inherent capability of
> speaking in tongues, it only does so according to
> the overall Tomcat LANG setting, and does not pay
> attention to the browser's "Accept-Language" headers.

That's due to its use of the standard Java internationalization mechanism.  Supporting multiple
languages simultaneously is a good bit more complicated.  Also, since the manager app is an
administrative function, one would expect that responsibility to be handled in-country (although
that's probably a lot less true now than just a few years ago).

> set the LANG to "en_GB.iso885915"
> It certainly did not change over the last week, overlapping thus the
> fateful day when the Manager spoke German to us.

As I mentioned previously, the user.language setting can be changed on the fly.  If a webapp
altered it before the first reference to the manager app, that would affect the response of
the manager.

One question remains unanswered: was Tomcat restarted between the English -> Deutsch transition,
and then again between the Deutsch -> English one?  If your server's locale file was somehow
unavailable and the en_GB.iso885915 setting became undecipherable at the time the JVM initialized,
the platform may well have resorted to some default - which could be German in this case.

> root@arthur:~# locale -a

Is the server named after a legendary British king, the Kinks album, or the HHGTTG character?

 - Chuck

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