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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Re: Tomcat 6 unstable
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 23:00:24 GMT
> From: Michael Ludwig []
> Subject: Re: Re: Tomcat 6 unstable
> I've read somewhere that omitting the file:/// URI scheme is wrong.
> However, it seems to work. At least on Windows. In order to be on the
> safe side, you should add the "file:///" URI scheme.

No, you shouldn't.  (Note that the existing settings do not use it.)  Such a reference turns
the local file request into a network one rather than a direct reference to the local file
system.  The empty host name (between the second and third slashes) indicates the file should
be served by localhost and the JRE may be smart enough to short-ciruit the network, but regardless,
you're adding unnecessary overhead.

In any event, you shouldn't be modifying the classloader settings without an extremely good

> If your connection is closed, either explicitly or implicitly
> by going out of scope, all objects derived from it are also
> closed.

Connections do not close when they go out of scope.  They *may* get closed when a garbage
collection occurs, but you should never write code that depends on that happening (it may
never happen).

It is absolutely critical to explicitly close result sets, statements, and connections; this
is best done by placing all data base access inside try/finally blocks and doing the close
operations in the finally part.

> The whole point of the pool, however, is to *not* close the
> connection.

Correct.  But what the pool gives you is a wrapper for the actual connection object, and failing
to close that means it doesn't get back into the pool, resulting in an empty one after a bit.


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