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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat threads, II
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 18:59:17 GMT
> From: André Warnier []
> Subject: Re: Tomcat threads, II
> I have turned it off now, and restarted Tomcat, but it
> did not have any noticeable impact on the startup time.

Wouldn't expect it to, since you're spending nearly all the time parsing that XML file.

It may have an effect when you actually start processing requests, but the impact may be small.

> As far as I can tell, these settings come from the
> "" script.  I have no idea if this script
> is modified, compared to the Official version.

Yes, the Debians screwed it up, by trying to patch it to work with gcj (a futile and pointless
task).  The real script only adds the extra jars if you specify an alternate secure sockets
library with the JSSE_HOME environment variable.

> it seems to have survived (apart from bootstrap.jar,
> which I had to leave)

Yes, bootrstrap.jar is the only thing that should be on the classpath.

> But that did not apparently reduce its startup time much.

If your startup were not completely dominated by the XML parsing, you should see some difference.

> If anything, it seems now to occupy more memory than before :
> Is there an explanation for that ?

No, the exact amount probably varies considerably over time and really isn't anything to worry

> I also don't seem to be able to run JConsole.

You'll need to attach remotely.  Assuming your target system is protected from potential threats
by some external means, you can set jmxremote handling without authentication by adding these
parameters for starting Tomcat:<jmxport>
(all on one line, of course).  Use CATALINA_OPTS or JAVA_OPTS to set them.

Then run JConsole from your desktop, and give it the IP address and JMX port of the Tomcat
machine in the Remote Process box.  Full reference is here:

 - Chuck

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