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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Thread Dumps/ Emailing Results...
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2008 18:01:12 GMT
> From: keeplearning []
> Subject: Thread Dumps/ Emailing Results...
> So, do i need to supply process id with this command. Like:
> kill -3 <process id>.

That's one way to do it.  My preference is to use the jstack tool from the JDK, assuming you're
running a 1.5 or 1.6 Sun JVM.  You still need the process id, and the JDK includes the jps
tool which is easier than wading through the output of ps.  The JDK tools also work on Windows,
whereas kill doesn't normally exist there.

> Then does the output goes to catalina.out which is our
> log file

The output of kill -3 is sent to stdout or stderr (I forget which), which *may* be redirected
to catalina.out, depending on your Tomcat configuration.  The jstack output goes to your command
window, rather than any of Tomcat's files.

> And do i need to be in specific directory to run
> this command?

No, as long as the command you're using (kill or jstack) is in your PATH.

> 2) once the thread dumps are in catalina.out, how do i mail
> the catalina.out as an attachment?

Edit it first to remove everything but the stack trace.  (Another reason to use jstack.) 
How you mail it depends on your mail client and what additional information you need to provide.
 (I usually just insert the file as text, but then I'm using the corporate standard MS Outlook
rather than any Linux mailer.)  If you really need to make the whole log available, posting
it on a web site somewhere may be preferable to dumping it in an e-mail.

 - Chuck

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