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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Another confused person trying to get jconsole to monitor tomcat.
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 19:39:47 GMT
ServerFactory.getServer() will return

concerning LifecycleListener take a look at

the events that the LifecycleListener reponds to are listed at

a brief synopsis of the Lifecycle events described here would be

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component after start" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component after stop" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component before start" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component before stop" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component destroy" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component init" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "periodic" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component start" event.

static java.lang.String

          The LifecycleEvent type for the "component stop" event.
for these derived components
AccessLogValve, AuthenticatorBase, Connector, ContainerBase, DeltaManager, Embedded, ExtendedAccessLogValve,
FastCommonAccessLogValve, JDBCAccessLogValve, JvmRouteBinderValve, PersistentManagerBase,
RealmBase, SemaphoreValve, SimpleTcpCluster, SingleSignOn, StandardManager, StandardPipeline,
StandardServer, StandardService, StoreBase, WebappClassLoader, WebappLoaderthe derived component
StandardServer contains documentation located at
and supports the following attributes

protected  java.lang.String






protected  java.lang.String


protected  java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport

          The property change support for this component.

protected  java.lang.String

which implements the interface you are interested in (
JavaDoc listed at

and registers the MBeanServer located at

you will want to configure your security requirements to ensure accessing each attribute is

such as what is described in catalina.policy here
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/-" 

permission java.util.PropertyPermission "", 
  permission "*";           
permission "*", "*";
permission "register";  


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> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: Another confused person trying to get jconsole to monitor tomcat.
> Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 20:26:16 +0200
> Dear Mark,
> > I got bitten by this recently. I am working on a LifecycleListener  
> > (that
> > can be configured in server.xml) that fixes both ports that are used  
> > by
> > jconsole. This makes it much easier to configure firewalls, tunnel  
> > through
> > PuTTY etc.
> >
> > If I get it finished in time, it will be in 6.0.19+. If not, a later
> > version. Keep an eye on the change log and/or the dev list.
> Since you are knowledgeable in the sources for Tomcat, are you aware  
> of any programmatic way to register the Catalina mbeans? I'd like to  
> do so from code, without specifying any command line options.
> For JBoss I found a special JMXserver class that I can load using  
> reflection. Is there such a thing for Tomcat?
> --
> Kees Jan
> 06-51838192
> The secret of success lies in the stability of the goal. -- Benjamin  
> Disraeli
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