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From "emerson cargnin" <>
Subject Re: catalina.out rotation
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 16:19:56 GMT
I had read that thread and I share your frustration. And I'm a developer : )
I believe that admlog does the same thing for solaris. We will try to
set that up in one of our boxes.

PS: andre, are you brazilian too? :)

2008/10/21 André Warnier <>:
> emerson cargnin wrote:
>> Hi again...
>> Has anyone here used Logadm to implement rotation on the catalina.out?
>> I know i can rotate a log file configure via log4j, but that is
>> useless if catalina.out continues receiving everything. Eliminating
>> catalina.out is not an option as well as there are still too many
>> system.out messages.
> Hi.
> I have been battling with these logging issues in Tomcat for a while too,
> see the thread entitled "Appeal to Tomcat developers".
> The following is more of a hack than a clean solution, but if you cannot get
> rid of catalina.out, and you can't rotate it, look at the way it is done in
> the attached startup script for Tomcat 5.5, part of that package for Linux
> Debian.  I have a feeling the Debian packager had the same issue, and found
> this as a solution.
> Look at lines 132-140, and then at lines 142-156.
> I have not really analysed in detail yet, but what seems to happen there is
> :
> - delete catalina.out
> - make catalina.out be a "fifo", with appropriate permissions
> - start "rotatelogs" (a utility created for that purpose), taking as input
> the catalina.out fifo
> - start Tomcat (which will write to catalina.out)
> Thus, everything Tomcat writes to catalina.out will go as input to
> rotatelogs, which will rotate this according to how you set it up, and write
> it where you want.
> Hope this helps.

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