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From Darryl Pentz <>
Subject Communicating between webapps
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 08:53:04 GMT
I have an issue where webapp A needs to let webapp B know about an event, and then return a
response to webapp B's processing of that event to the browser. So basically I need to communicate
between webapps in the same container.

I have not found a no-brainer solution to this as yet. The one I have tried is making a localhost
HTTP call which I find to be rather expensive, given that it requires creating a socket connection
to the same container.

I also just encountered the 'crosscontext' attribute in the <context.../> block and
was wondering whether that could serve any purpose.

Does anybody know of any tried and trusted ways of communicating between webapps in Tomcat?

Darryl Pentz


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