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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Downloading issues in IE via https
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:33:44 GMT
Nar Karapetyan wrote:
> Hello, 
> the issue I encounter might not directly be related with Tomcat. However if anyone hase
a clue
> of how can I overcome that, I'd like to learn it.
> The thing is that when I connect to my web page via https, IE7 hints a message that the
> is not error free, but I am able to explore the site without any difficulties. FF does
not report any issues
> related with the certificate.
> However, when I try to download a file I receive the following IE error message (also
attached the jpg screenshot).
> "Internet Explorer cannot download downloadFile.action from localhost.
> Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either
unavailable or cannot be found. Please
> try again later"
> But if I choose Open instead of Save - this will work fine.
> Any clue of what could be the problem?
> Any web pages about this are welcome.
I haven't a clue really.
Maybe there is a link between the fact that this is HTTPS, or with the 
earlier certificate-related message.
But then also, it would not be the first time that a browser does 
something strange or non-standard (and IE has some history behind it in 
that respect).
But obviously, since "open" and "save" in IE get different results, 
there must be something different happening in each case.

The best way to start with such issues is normally to put some mechanism 
on your server to see what the browser *really* sends to the server.
I think in Tomcat the RequestDumper Valve would probably help.

It may also help to see exactly what the browser is sending and 
receiving in terms of requests/responses and HTTP headers.
For Firefox, there is a useful add-on called LiveHttpHeaders to do that.
For IE, I don't know.
There is also something I often hear mentioned but do not know myself, 
called WireShark (?), which seems to be a program allowing to see the 
entire conversation back and forth.

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