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From André Warnier>
Subject Appeal to Tomcat developers
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 07:23:50 GMT
Dear Tomcat developers,

this is a humble appeal.
I know I have in the past been "over the top" on this subject, and for 
that I apologise.

The appeal is about Tomcat logging.

I will venture a few risky bets :
1) for every Tomcat used in a development context, there are 100 used in 
a production environment
2) for every Tomcat developer, there are 1000 Tomcat users
3) for at least 900 out of these 1000 Tomcat users, the current way to 
configure/manage Tomcat logging is too difficult to understand

 From earlier Tomcat expert's messages here, I understand that the 
previous logging methods were technically flawed, and that the new 
methods, technically, are far superior.

But from tens of user's messages on this list, it is clear that in terms 
of setup and configuration, the new methods are too complicated, and the 
available documentation is too obscure for most of the Tomcat users that 
are not themselves Java or Tomcat experts.

I realise that this may not be a very exciting subject to work on for a 
Tomcat developer.  Tomcat is a nice package, appreciated by many.
But I fear that the mere complexity of controlling the logging may deter 
a number of users and system administrators from using it, or from 
liking it.  And that is probably not an outcome that any Tomcat 
developer would like either.

I would offer to help, but I can't, because I am not capable of it.  I 
am basically a support and system admin guy in a small company, and I 
handle a dozen systems with several hundred packages on it.  My highest 
Java achievement is a servlet filter, and even there I copied most of 
the lines from examples I found.
Of the dozen Tomcats I handle at the sysadmin level, none are the 
"official" distribution.  There are many reasons for that, the main one 
being that most of the systems on which we manage applications do not 
belong to us but to customers, and they decide what they install and 
according to which rules.

Basically thus, what I am saying is that 90% of Tomcat sysadmins and 
users have to live with the Tomcat they get, and the Tomcat they get, in 
terms of logging, is not understandable to them, and that it makes them 


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