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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.27-dev-704800 available for testing.
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 20:04:11 GMT
Please join us in ensuring the quality of the forthcoming release by
testing this snapshot. The source archives are in the same format as a
release download, so easy to build.

The last release is already 10 months old and there were important
changes in the meantime. We hope we can make you interested in testing
by the following list of improvements:



- New optional watchdog thread (Apache/IIS) doing internal maintenance
  (idle connection checks, backend probing).
  See JkWatchdogInternal (Apache) and watchdog_interval (IIS).
- Added session_cookie and session_path for configuring session
- Add extension attributes to uri worker map (Apache/IIS). Allowed are:
    - reply_timeout
    - active/disabled/stopped
    - fail_on_status
    - use_server_errors
  which can now be used per mount and not only per worker.
- New communication configuration directives:
    - socket_connect_timeout
    - connection_acquire_timeout
    - retry_interval time
    - connection_ping_interval, ping_timeout and ping_mode
- Allow using web server error pages.
- Automatically determine needed shm size


- Allow dynamic setting of reply timeout using the environment
  variable JK_REPLY_TIMEOUT.


- Basic support for multiple Webs in one Application Pool
- Basic support for multiple Application Pools
- Use environment variables JKISAPI_PATH (Full path to the ISAPI
  Redirector) and JKISAPI_NAME (Name of the ISAPI Redirector dll
  without extension) in attribute values of the redirector .properties
  file (Example: log_file=$(ISAPI_PATH)\$(ISAPI_NAME).log)
- New attribute error_page which can contain a full URL used
  as a redirect URL when an error occurs. Any "%d" in error_page will be
  replaced by the HTTP status code of the error.
- New boolean attribute enable_chunked_encoding to allow chunked
  encoding of HTTP responses. This is currently considered experimental.
  To be able to use it, you need to build the isapi redirector with
  an additional define "ISAPI_ALLOW_CHUNKING".
- Use raw headers instead of CGI headers. Fixes problem
  "underscore=dash" problem in header names. This is currently
  considered experimental.
  To be able to use it, you need to build the isapi redirector with
  an additional define "USE_RAW_HEADERS".
- Improved IIS event detection. This also imporoves IIS 5.1
  compatibility. It is currently considered experimental.
  To be able to use it, you need to build the isapi redirector with
  an additional define "AUTOMATIC_AUTH_NOTIFICATION".


- Add manageability and statistics counters for simple ajp workers and
  ajp lb members.
- Add display of seconds since last statistics reset and
  access and transfer rates.
- Add "dump" action.
- Allow showing only a single member for a load balancer.
- Include server local time in output.
- Improve XSS hardening.
- Layout changes.


- Improve Cygwin build.
- Don't use post httpd 2.2.0 API functions when building with new
  --enable-api-compatibility configure switch.
- Use correct ld flags provided by apxs when building module.
  Prevents some crashes on AIX for httpd 1.3 module.


- Various minor additions.


- BZ 36385: Add missing prepost cping/cpong directly after connect
  in case prepost cping is used, but no connect cping.
- BZ 44116: Fix handling of multiple JSESSIONID cookies.
- BZ 44147: Multiple load balancing workers problem.
- BZ 44738: Fix merging of JkOption ForwardURI* between virtual hosts.
- BZ 45026: For Apache httpd 2.x add "Unknown Reason" as the
  reason phrase, if we get an empty one from the backend.
  Otherwise httpd 2.x returns status 500.
- BZ 45812: Add done() service method that causes sending EOS bucket
  for Apache httpd 2.x. This allows filter chain to work properly.
- Improved thread safety on some platforms, especially AIX
- Fix IIS memory corruption due to parallel initialization by
  multiple threads.
- Set lb_factor instead of distance in status worker.
- JkAutoAlias does not work in combination with JkMountCopy if there
  are no JkMount in virtual host.
- Make dynamic URI map reloading atomic and free memory not needed
  any longer.
- Always send initial POST packet even if the client disconnected.

Furthermore there have been a couple of additional code refactorings.

Thank you,
The Apache Tomcat Team

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