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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem in finding APP-BASE (IIS---> Worker Tomcat A---->Tomcat B----> Further config help
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 13:13:00 GMT
Thangavel Sankaranarayanan wrote:
> Hi ,
> I have a problem in finding the webapps and my application where it is
> deployed
> My application URL is
That's not a real URL, so why do you mention it ?

> WebServer is :Microsoft IIS
> Web Container: Apache tomcat 4.1.30
That is a very old Tomcat.  This is not to annoy you, but just to let 
you know that some people on this list were still in programming school 
when that one was released, so not many are still here that can really 
help you.

> I need to find my apps class files.
> This is what i did to trace to find the class file.
> 1. I went to IIS service manager to find the virtual directory(
> virtualdir). It uses tomcat A as a worker tomcat (with
> and
How do you know that ?  I mean, unless I am mistaken, these two files 
will not tell you "which" Tomcat, just its hostname and port, no ?
Can you copy them here ?

> 2.Then I went to this Worker Tomcat A's
Same question : how did you find this one ?

/conf/ntis/ to find the port number of tomcat
> and server in which listens for requests.
Well, this will tell you to which host and port IIS/redirector is 
sending the requests, but not really who is listening.
For that, you need the conf/server.xml of Tomcat.

> 3.I found it is tomcat B.I went to Tomcat B's CATALINA_HOME
So you have 2 Tomcats ?
  and there i
> could not find any webapps folder present.
That is still possible. Maybe the webapps *are* somewhere else.
That would be indicated in the <Host> tag inside the server.xml of the 
Tomcat that is really there (the appBase attribute).

To me at least, what you write above is a bit confusing.
How do you know that you have 2 Tomcats, and which one has which 

Since this seems to be all under Windows (yes?), if you go in a command 
window and type "net start", how many Tomcat's do you see listed ?

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