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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Communicating between webapps
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 07:59:50 GMT
This is not "my" thread, so if anyone thinks I'm pushing the envelope a 
bit, tell me and I'll start another one.
I am interested in this same issue, but in a broader sense :
how to share some data, in general, between "collaborating" webapps 
within the same container.

My case goes somewhat like this :  an application consisting of several 
webapps needs access to some common data (read/write).
Each webapp can modify this data, and the changes should be immediately 
visible to the other webapps.
The data is originally loaded and parsed from a disk file, expensively.
I would like to avoid each individual webapp to have to reload and 
reparse this data each time it needs to access it.
In other words, a kind of global "in-memory" DB is what I'm looking for, 
where individual webapps can create/modify/read/delete "records" with 
known keys, in shared mode.

I believe that this would also cover the requirements of the OP, 
although it's probably more than he needs.

I realise that this can be done via e.g. an external DB.
It could also probably be done, most portably, by creating an entirely 
separate application accessed via HTTP calls e.g. (à la "Amazon DB" ?).
But it looks as if "within the same container", it would be much more 
efficient if kept in local memory, and avoiding overhead like TCP/IP or 

Not being an expert in any of the underlying matters, I would just like 
to know from the eperts here, but preferably without too many difficult 
words like "classloader" and "dispatchers", if this is in theory 
possible/allowed, if it could be done in such a way as to be portable to 
a different container etc..

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