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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Communicating between webapps
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 13:04:29 GMT
Brantley Hobbs wrote:
> Darryl Pentz wrote:
>> I have an issue where webapp A needs to let webapp B know about an 
>> event, and then return a response to webapp B's processing of that 
>> event to the browser. So basically I need to communicate between 
>> webapps in the same container.
Since Daryl seems to be satisfied with the answers he got, can I now 
hijack this thread to get back to the original question, precisely ?
I am interested in the answer for a personal project.

We are thus talking about communicating between different webapps, but 
within the same Tomcat container.  No future scalability issue 
envisioned nor desired.
I assume that the webapps run within the same instance of Tomcat, 
possibly though within distinct <Host>, if it makes a difference.
I am not looking for a precise answer (which I would probably not 
understand anyway), just for general guidelines about where, at which 
level, it might be possible to implement some kind of inter-webapp 
communication scheme.
I am thinking about the following hierarchy :
            <webapp-A />
            <webapp-B />

or this

            <webapp-A />
            <webapp-B />

and I want to exchange information (not just a signal) between webapp-A 
and webapp-B, efficiently and reliably.
Does what I write above make sense ? is this allowed/feasible ? how hard 
is it ? where ?
Could one for instance realise this in the form of a <Connector>, which 
appears to live at a level common to all Hosts ?

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