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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Communicating between webapps
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 11:58:39 GMT
Mikolaj Rydzewski wrote:
> Leon Rosenberg wrote:
>> You need additional lib (commons httpclient), you need special
>> servlet/action/jsp on B-side, you probably need to start threads, you
>> need to monitor those on A side, and and and...
> One can use HttpURLConnection. There're probably some actions/jsps 
> already in the webapp, one more makes no harm.
> Anyway, yes, it's maybe more work than to extend Remote. But IMO gives 
> you more flexibility than RMI. It's easier and more common to allow HTTP 
> trafic through firewalls, than RMI traffic.
> We don't know what kind of infromation Daryl wants to exchange. Maybe 
> it's worth to go with RMI, maybe it isn't.
But we do know that the issue is to exchange information betweeb appA 
and appB on the same server, so firewall and comms issue should not be 
relevant here.
What we do not know (yet) is the platform, Tomcat version etc, but I am 
sure Daryl will tell us if it is relevant.

Another thing that I personally don't know is what RMI exactly is or 
does (yes, I'm a definite Java amateur).  Rightly or wrongly, what I 
don't know tends to inspire me with caution.  For example, I am cautious 
about statements (related to Java) like 'you just need to add " extends 
Remote" to your ... to .. ', when I don't know how many extra classes 
and MB and cpu cycles this innocent-looking attribute adds to one 
instance of one's application.
But I am curious and willing to be taught.  Without losing sight of the 
original OP question of course.

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