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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to update the tomcat to run newly deployed applications without restarting it.
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 14:09:14 GMT
sharmasgsin wrote:
> I am developing an application that do the following--
> 1) create the subdomain at, like i am creating asubdomain
> as
> 2)At the same time this aplication is creating an account at other
> application that is with all the ftp details of the
> newly created subdomian( using this
> application a user can deevelop and publish his website at the above given
> subdomain.
> my web server is tocat.
>      To publish the website, this application( test
> the connection using the given ftp details, 
>      when i publish the website i not the following points ---
>          1)this application fails to publish the website immediately to the
> given subdomain using the ftp detail.
>          2)this application is able to publish the website after one hour,
> to the given subdomain using the ftp detail.
>          3)if i restart the tomcat this application is able to publish the
> website immediately.
>          here i am describing the what i need---
>                      1) i want to publish the website immediately, without
> restarting the tomcat.
>                      2) can i update the tomcat to responde the newly
> deployed applications immediately without restarting it.
>                      please let me know as soon as possible.
After perusing the above a couple of times, my interpretation goes like 
this :

First, in summary, the question may boil down to : if the 
Tomcat/conf/server.xml file is modified (timestamp changed), does Tomcat 
automatically reload itself ? after some time ?

I kind of understand that the above means that a Tomcat application 
dynamically modifies the server.xml to add a new Host, and that as soon 
as this is the case, the OP would like Tomcat to notice and enable this 
new Host.
I also guess that it seems that whenever this application does the 
above, currently the new site is not immediately available, but becomes 
available after about an hour.
The question in my mind (if it is true that Tomcat would reload if 
server.xml is changed) is if the experienced delay may not just be the 
time needed for the DNS system to propagate the new domain address ?

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