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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: JK and IIS - troubles?
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 05:33:58 GMT
br1 wrote:
> Rainer,
> So perhaps.. upgrading from older JKs the default changed from 10
> connections to 250. With a lot of workers (for instance, 40) the total
> number of maximum threads went from 400 to 10000. I will have to fix this
> and check what happens.
> Though I understand the perfect default value can vary depending on the site
> load etc., to me 10 is too low and 250 is far too high.. maybe a 50 would
> fit for most installations and be a better default number in this case. :-)

Nope, it won't.
The reason is that you are using IIS6+ that has worker processes,
and ISAPI API provides no way of knowing what that number is.
The entire calculation is up to you, because depending on both
the IIS version and how you setup the worker processes and their
number the connection_pool_size is either MaxClients or
ThreadsPerChild (from httpd)

There is no magic wand for every possible use case.
Like with anything you'll need to switch on the brain and
do some tuning by hand (setting the workers connection_pool_size is
all you need to do) that will match your topology.


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