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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: tomcat6 + proxy issues
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 15:20:16 GMT
I would seldom dare to differ with Mark with regards to Tomcat issues 
but in this case, I prefer mod_AJP for its more
predictive behavior compared to mod_HTTP. Tomcat AJP's connector 
simulates almost the same behavior as Tomcat's HTTP connector.
So the all important request headers will look the same. Some of the 
differences in behavior when you use Tomcat HTTP as a proxy instead of AJP:
1)remoteAddr resolves to whatever host Apache connects from to Tomcat. 
So you have to retrieve the actual remote address from the raw headers.
2)scheme will always be HTTP
3)serverPort will always be the Tomcat HTTP port (so you would need to 
edit server.xml and add the proxyport value)
4)many applications construct links from the above  headers mentioned 
and you can see  the problems  the inconsistent behavior creates.

Unless  mod_proxy_ajp is  far inferior to mod_proxy_http in terms of 
stability (which has not been noticeable from my experience),
I would choose mod_proxy_ajp for the consistent behavior it provides.

Mark Thomas wrote:
> Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>> Mark Thomas:
>>> Actually, mod_proxy_http is usually a better choice than mod_proxy_ajp
>> Could you please explain a little further?
>> Since at one site I'm using mod_proxy_ajp I'm interested in what the
>> advantage of switching to mod_proxy_http might be.
> Generally, and YMMV, mod_proxy_http is more stable. This is only a
> generalisation though. I have used mod_proxy_ajp in the past without any
> problems.
> Other reasons include:
> - you can use https for encryption
> - it is easier (at least I find it easier) to read http in wireshark than ajp
> Mark
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