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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: can i compile .tag files on the fly? please help :(
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 18:29:08 GMT
I would guess from a brief look at the jsp 2.0 spec, the answer is yes, 
but didn't read far enough to be absolutely sure.  You could read the 
spec yourself for a definitive answer or just try it...  Personally I 
find reality more fun.

- write a test tag
- write a jsp to test it
- run the jsp test
- modify the tag file only
- run the jsp test again

BTW, you should *really* upgrade your version of tomcat.  You'll be 
happier with the results.


LoopInfinitum wrote:
> hey all,
> i'm looking for a definitive answer:
> can .tag files be compiled on the fly, or do they always require a recompile
> and restart for changes to take effect?
> we currently have jsp's set to compile on the fly, and it makes dev so much
> easier/faster.
> is there any alternative, if not the same very dynamic editing ability of
> .jsp's?
> running tomcat 5.02a.
> thanks so much!!!!!
> -john

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