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From John Gardner <>
Subject Re: Multiple Time Zones on one Tomcat instance?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 02:38:26 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: John Gardner []
>> Subject: Multiple Time Zones on one Tomcat instance?
>> Is there any way we can serve mutliple webapps from a single Tomcat
>> instance, with mutliple timezones?
> Tomcat itself doesn't care about time zones, and a single JVM instance will only use
one time zone at a time (no pun intended).  You could run two instances of Tomcat, one for
the French, and one for the less picky rest of the world.  Other than that, you'd have to
make the adjustments in the webapp itself to be cognizant of each client's time preference.

Thanks Charles

So, using two instances of Tomcat on a single host OS would also involve
installing two JVMs and each Tomcat instance using a different JVM?

Would this be easy to do?  I was always under the impression that you
could only ever have one Tomcat running per machine at any one time due
to the CATALINA_HOME env variable getting confused as to which instance
of Tomcat it is actually using?



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