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From forum123 <>
Subject Tomcat Cluster and NFS mounted webapp
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2008 18:53:35 GMT

We're setting up a simple Tomcat cluster using Tomcat 5.5.12.  There will be
initially 2 Tomcat instances on 2 physical Linux servers in this cluster. 
Is mounting a shared NFS folder appropriate for this?

NFS will allow us to deploy updates a single time and have all Tomcat's in
the cluster pick up the change.  It also allows us to manage a single
configuration without messy synchronization/mirror scripts.  

I had some doubts about a shared setup at first:

- Multiple Jaspers instances will try to read/write to the same work
- Multiple Catalina instances will try write to the to same catalina.out

However, after a simple test, I found that none of these cause a problem. 
If I deploy a new webapp, all Tomcats pick up the change.  I did a "tail -f
catalina.out" and it appears all Tomcats can write to catalina.out.

It seems that the Jasper has already been setup to run asyncronously so
adding 2 separate Tomcats didn't cause a problem.  Don't get how both can
write to the same catalina.out though.  But I'm happy with it.

Has anyone tried this NFS mounting (it could also be a Windows mounted drive
as well on Windows systems).  Are there unforeseen problems my tests don't
reveal?  Are there any alternatives to NFS mounting that still provide the
same simplicity?
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