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From albrecht andrzejewski <>
Subject Re: external folder be mapped to Tomcat 'specific 'webapplication'
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 13:46:47 GMT

> Folder  :   /root/images
> Web application folder   :   /root/TOMCAT6018 / webapps / XYZAPPS

> Question
> Can a external folder be mapped to Tomcat 'specific 'web   
> application'   only  as shown below

If a folder is external, why should it be considered as part of the  
webapp context ?
A popular reason why tomcat administrators used Apache httpd as a  
frontend to tomcat was (i said was, because it seems to be another cup  
of tea with today's server performance) to allow serving static  
content like images, without having a slower process using java for a  
simple GET over static files.

Accesing your /root/images with your webapp URL over the internet can be made:
- using url rewriting techniques (mod_rewrite or tomcat filter)
- by including this folder to your web app (!) so it becomes an  
internal webapp folder
- by setting up an apache frontend which declare a virtual host  
redirecting all 'http://<IP>:<PORT>/images/' to the document root  
"/root/images" and passing all other request to mod_proxy or mod_jk.
- perhaps by putting a symbolic link (ln -s) to your image folder  
within your webapp directory ?

Regards, i hope this answer brings you help.
Ps: i wouldn't use my root account to store my webapp or web  
content...neither to run an application server.

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SITE-EERIE - Parc scientifique G. Besse

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