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From br1 <>
Subject Re: JK and IIS - troubles?
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 23:09:23 GMT


Thanks for your reply. 

mturk wrote:
> Nope, it won't.
> The reason is that you are using IIS6+ that has worker processes,

mturk wrote:
> and ISAPI API provides no way of knowing what that number is.
> The entire calculation is up to you, because depending on both
> the IIS version and how you setup the worker processes and their
> number the connection_pool_size is either MaxClients or
> ThreadsPerChild (from httpd)
> There is no magic wand for every possible use case.
> Like with anything you'll need to switch on the brain and
> do some tuning by hand (setting the workers connection_pool_size is
> all you need to do) that will match your topology.
My objection was not exactly technical.
As I said I already did the tuning you are suggesting, when the default was
too few connections, not too many. 
Still, I would rather have a too low default value on JK and get a
corresponding error message on Tomcat asking to raise maxThreads, which was
happening in the past.
A default 250 connections on the JK side on IIS does not exactly force
anyone to fine tune anything, and if too many connections are the reason of
my problem I would still suggest to lower this number.

Though, so far it is not clear at all that this is the cause. :-)


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