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From br1 <>
Subject Re: JK and IIS - troubles?
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 22:51:15 GMT


Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> If you like, we are always keen on helpful documentation. Maybe a page
> about sizing connection pool and the relation between connections, web
> server processes, IIS workers and Tomcat threads, measuring your needs
> and the dangers arising from going to far.
Sure, as soon as I understand the problem completely, which I did not so

Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> I see, yes the default changed end of 2006 between 1.2.19 and 1.2.20.
> Usually we don't change defaults, but the 10 was really to low.
Though I keep thinking it is probably better to choose a small default than
a large one in this case. 

Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> Yes, if the notion of worker is an IIS worker and not an isapi plugin
> worker. A plugin worker in the sense of a worker configuration item in
> is 1:1 with a connection pool, and a connection pool
> doesn't create threads. It will grow at most as the lower of thread
> number and configured pool size.
Well, no, maybe we need to go some steps back.
I am talking about JK workers (isapi plugin workers), and I have no IIS
workers: the problem is on IIS 5. 
As I said I have a connection_pool_size currently set to 300 on the JK
worker (IIS side) and a matching maxThreads set to 300 on the Tomcat side. 

What you are telling me is that I don't have 300 threads on this IIS/JK
worker side, but simply (a maximum of) 300 tcp connections to the Tomcat
instance, is this right? So maybe I am just out of connections..

Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> Done.
Though it would fit better on "connections" page more than on a "timeouts"
page. :-)

Thanks for the help!

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