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From piercey <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5.x - Logging Issues
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 16:52:33 GMT


We use a proprietary application in work with Tomcat. The webapp is
basically a frontend to a process that runs in the background separate to
Tomcat. It uses log4j to produce its own log files, which are stored in it's
own directory again separate of Tomcat. This setup worked ok in Tomcat
4.1.x, but I decided to upgrade to a newer version (with support for JDK

Anyway, the problem comes when I try to log in to the webapp, I get an
Exception with the root cause being:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Priority

The webapp includes the log4j.jar file in its WEB-INF/lib directory, however
it seems Tomcat isn't loading it (it does not have a or
log4j.xml file). After some googling, I found quite a lot of information on
how Tomcat 5.5 moved to a different logging structure. 

So I attempted to follow guides which tell me to put log4j.jar and
commons-logging.jar in my common/lib directory. The problem persisted. Then
I tried placing the log4j.jar file in common/endorsed and the error went
away. I was able to log in. 

However now Tomcat is using log4j as its form of logging which isn't
something I wanted. Is there an easier solution to getting it to behave like
it did on Tomcat 4.1.x? Admittedly I am a complete noobie when it comes to
Tomcat (and Java logging) so please excuse my ignorance if I'm making a
glaring mistake.

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