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From "Maik Schumacher" <>
Subject AW: Changing the ROOT application in Tomcat 6.0.18 on Linux
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 06:37:37 GMT
Thanks for the response.

> Make sure you don't have a ROOT directory or ROOT.war file under the
<Host> appBase directory, and that you don't have any <Context> elements in
server.xml.  If your new default webapp isn't deploying > for some reason,
there should be log entries indicating why.

Yes, I did that.

> Are you using a real Tomcat on your Linux machine, or one of the 3rd-party
repackaged versions?  The latter has given people no end of problems due to
abuse of symlinks and things not being where they > appear to be.  If so,
delete it and install a real one from the Tomcat download page.
> You might want to do a clean reinstallation on the Linux box regardless,
just to make sure there's not something messed up in what you've got.

Yes, I am using a very clean installation of Tomcat 6.0.18.

However using a different 'appBase' on Windows does not work either and
breaks what I posted before.
I have studied many, many posts on the Web regarding changing the ROOT on
Tomcat, but without successfully implementing this.
Maybe Tomcat just does not support the following scenario (I changed a
little here):

- Having a changed 'appBase' in the 'server.xml' pointing for example to
'c:/test/www' on a Windows machine
- Deploying a Web application as a WAR file with the name' testweb.war'
putting it in the folder 'c:/test/www'
- Now the goal here is to access the Web application with
  and not with

How can I do this? I do not want to rename the 'testweb.war' to 'root.war'.
I believe this is the only way it works.
I have tried all other possibilities. I tried almost every combination with
the <Context> Tag in the folder '<tomcat>/conf/Catalina/localhost'
I tried having a ROOT.xml as well as testweb.xml, with different settings,
but it will not work.

Using a ROOT.xml that points to the 'testweb.war' results into this:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base /srv/www/webapps/ROOT does
not exist or is not a readable directory

The Tomcat documentation does not provide any examples for how to do this.

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