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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: [newbie] connectionTimeout value for AJP Connector
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 01:14:46 GMT

"Stacey Jones" <> wrote in message
> Hi, I am a new member on tomcat mailing list.
> For tomcat 5.5 - Is there a recommended value for connectionTimeout
> attribute? How to decide this value?
> The documentation says : The number of milliseconds this Connector will
> wait, after accepting a connection, for the request URI line to be
> presented. The default value is infinite (i.e. no timeout).
> Thanks for your help!
Like most configuration options, the recommended value depends on your setup 
:).  For small to medium sized applications on systems like Windows or 
Solaris the default value is reasonable (which is why it is the default). 
For Linux systems with newer kernals, this should be alright as well.  On 
these systems the cost is fairly low to have lots of threads blocking on 
i/o.  It is Linux systems with older kernals that cause problems.  Also if 
you are using the APR or (experimental) NIO AJP connector it should be fine 
on most o/s, since there is no relation between the number of connections 
and the number of threads.  If there isn't a firewall between Apache/IIS and 
Tomcat I would set it to be pretty high on well-behaved systems (at least 
5min for a medium sized app).  If there is a firewall, then it should be 
probably slightly less than the firewall setting to close idle connections.


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