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From "Raymond Kroeker" <>
Subject Re: Piggybacking HTTP with binary protocol
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 16:41:20 GMT
    One thing I might suggest is instead of rolling your own http
client; is to use the http client from apache  I
use it myself for various projects including binary data transfer.  It
will let you focus on your protocol instead of having to implement


On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 06:50, Darryl Pentz <> wrote:
> Last time I mailed the list, I was inquiring about implementing a custom connector or
something along those lines to support a binary protocol along with HTTP. This approach proved
flawed for various reasons, if not virtually impossible to do with the connector, processor,
handler architecture etc..
> So the approach I was wanting to try next was to amend our in-house protocol slightly
and include initial HTTP headers so as to make use of the standard Http11Processor etc and
then continue (after initial servlet mapping) with the current binary protocol. My question
is, is this possible using say a POST.... to then continue comms on the input and output streams
using binary?
> I have tried to implement this approach but any read I do from the input stream after
the request is forwarded to the servlet service method, throws an EOFException, which I haven't
quite figured out. I wrote a simple socket client that writes the POST, a host header, and
a blank line, I then write 2 int's and a String, but I am unable to read the ints and the
String from the input stream in the service method without encountering the EOFException.
> Does anybody know what might cause this? I can't quite isolate any code within Tomcat
that might be causing this issue.
> - Darryl
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Raymond Kroeker

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