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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: XP/Vista/Office 2007/IE Compatibility Question
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 15:45:01 GMT

> Good afternoon. My company, Centocor, is in the process of upgrading 
> its operating System from Windows 2000 to XP/Vista and its Office 2000 
> to Office 2007. They have installed on, I'm not sure how many, some 
> computers Apache Tomcat, version 5.5. Please answer the following 
> questions at your earliest convenience:
MG>answers prefixed with MG> 
> 1) Is the software compatible with XP? If not, what is the compatible 
> version and what are the costs involved in upgrading?
MG>TC does not have <in>compatibility issues as long as you stay with basic java
-jar bootstrap.jar functionality
MG>If you are using windows binaries such as jsvc and or Windows installer to execute windows
startup binaries MG>(such as windows startup services) which modify registry you will have
to resolve each issue on as needed MG>basis More information is available at
> 2) Is the software compatible with Vista? If not, what is the 
> compatible version and what are the costs involved in upgrading?
MG>As this question has been answered before and I encourage you to read this response
MG>unfortunately as Vista is cost prohibitively expensive for the majority of TC developers
many of us cannot
MG>help you with that specific requirement ..keep in mind
MG>Vista is in charge of resources e.g. how Users are created ,who has access to what Folder,
MG>when vista sees an external process (especially Java.exe) it may disallow 
MG>access to that socket (port 8080 may be blocked by Vista firewall)
MG>access to the binaries ..Vista may be disallowing access to java.exe or jspc binaries
MG>access to the folder %CATALINA_HOME% may be blocked by Vista
MG>the security issues of <That installed .NET Framework> will need to be addressed

> 3) If the software is not independent of Office 2007, is it compatible 
> with it? If not, what is the compatible version and what are the costs 
> involved in upgrading?
MG>the way TC handles Microsoft Compound Documents such as XLS and DOC files are thru POI
Apache interface
MG>This common POI interface allows access to HSSF (binary file format, .xls) and XSSF
(ooxml file format, .xlsx)
MG>i think its safe to assume POI access to legacy .doc Documents and .xls Spreadsheets
is assumed
MG>in other words read access to POI docs is almost assured..write capability is another

> 4) If the software is not independent of IE, what versions of it are 
> compatible?
MG>TC by itself is not dependent on any IE version but uses IE for browsing HTML 
MG>The question you may want to ask is which version MSXML capabilities will I get with
MS Office 07?
MG>as you can see you have a choice of only use MXML 5 for Office-07 or use the universally
accepted MSXML6
MG>again TC developers use (MSXML) capabilities -generally for XMLHttpRequest transmissions
for Ajax
MG>but you may want to consult with certified "Microsoft Office" technicians who do these
installations day in and MG>day out for any incompatibilities between (a specific version
of) IE and (a specific version of) Microsoft Office

> Thanks,
> Isabel
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