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From Erwin Hogeweg <>
Subject Is deployOnStartup broken?
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 01:52:11 GMT

I am trying to re-deploy a war file on a RHES 5.2/Tomcat 6.0.16  
server, but the war file does not expand when Tomcat is restarted.

I have set the host variable deployOnStartup to "true", but even  
though the war file has a newer timestamp that the deployed folder the  
file is not re-deployed.
The file IS redeployed when I 'touch' the war file while Tomcat is  
running, or when the expanded folder does not exist.
The catalina.out log file shows Deploying MyWar.war, but nothing  
really happens.

Is there any specific debug logging that I can enable which shows me  
what is going on?

Your help is highly appreciated,



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