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From Brendan Martens <>
Subject html entities and urls with spaces
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 21:41:56 GMT

I am having some issues with tomcat not displaying pages or files with  
spaces in them, it simply 404s. Something like this:

pdf file on filesystem.pdf

being accessed at:


fails to display.

I am migrating this site from an older RHEL server where it works  
fine. I am migrating to a Debian server with up to date Debian  
packages of apache2, tomcat5, and java6.

I am using tomcat5 because the webapp had some odd html entity issues  
with tomcat5.5 and tomcat6 that I was not able to resolve, moving to  
tomcat5 fixed the issues with entities in the page content itself. I  
am not certain that the page content html entity issues and the urls  
with spaces issues are related, but it seems like they may be?

To check that this was a tomcat (and not an apache issue, as I am  
JkMounting the site to tomcat ) issue I tested accessing items with  
spaces with apache and that worked fine.

Any one have any thoughts on this?

Brendan Martens

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