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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: [NEWBIE] Separate tomcat engines on the same physical server
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 07:13:54 GMT
> From: Jon Camilleri []
> Hence, is it feasible to have:
> - Server 1 installed with Tomcat instance #1 and
> Tomcat instance #2 over JVM #1
> - Server 2 installed with Tomcat instance #1 and
> Tomcat instance #2 over JVM #2

If by JVM you mean "the files installed to support Java on the computer", yes.  One Java installation
can support many concurrent processes running Java.

If by JVM you mean "one process running Java", no.  Each Tomcat must run in its own process.

> What are your views on this?

I've successfully run up to three Tomcats on the same machine, as three processes, all with
the same JAVA_HOME.  It's a good way of providing isolation between applications, or even
Tomcat versions (I was running two 5.0.x, one 5.5.x).

> Any relevant documentation on configuring them this way?

See the file RUNNING.txt in the Tomcat zip you download.  There's a section at the end on
running multiple Tomcats on the same box.  Setup can get a little interesting if you're running
on Windows and want both processes to start as services, but even that's entirely possible
to configure.

                - Peter

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