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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: redirector
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 16:35:14 GMT
Frank Uccello wrote:
> Tomcat redirector for iss not working 
That is quite unlikely, because there must be at least 10,000 
installations out there where it is working.

> I can http://localhost:8080/app/servlet but not
> http://localhost/app/servlet --  error page could not be found
So, the problem is probably (certainly ?) with your installation or your 
configuration.  I am not saying this to nag you, it's just logical from 
your description above.

> I have no errors in the event viewer 
I am no expert on the IIS/AJP redirector setup, but which errors did you 
expect to see there ?
Does the documentation of the IIS/AJP redirector mention anything about 
a separate logfile for the redirector, that you can set up somewhere ?

or tomcat logs
That would be normal, if IIS is not redirecting these links to Tomcat, 
Tomcat would never see these request, so it would not log anything about 

A good point to start :
In the Tomcat server.xml file, there is a <Connector> tag that 
corresponds to the port to which the IIS/AJP redirector is supposed to 
talk to (and probably it says port="8009").
In Windows, there exists a netstat program that shows all the open and 
listening ports on your system.
If in a command window, you enter "netstat -an", in the output do you 
see any mention of the port number that is indicated in the <Connector> 
tag of Tomcat ?

If there is, then the next step would be to verify, in the configuration 
of the IIS/AJP redirector, if the port to which it talks to Tomcat 
corresponds, and if the host to which it talks to Tomcat is "localhost" 
or "".
I'm sorry if I can not be more specific, but I don't have an IIS running 
here.  I do have an Apache+Tomcat running under Windows though.

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