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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: problem in running Jconsole remotely --"Connection refused"
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:42:58 GMT wrote:
> Have a look at this thread:
> The second port is probably blocked by a firewall.
>>> I am not a system guy and have no idea about firewalls..It is a default 
> Windows 2003 Server set up .So I am assuming that whatever is there is 
> there by default and no further tweaking to the server was done . So do 
> you think the default configuration can block the dynamically alloted port 
> ?
No idea. Use netstat to find out what port it is using and then talk to
your network support folks.

> The Listener I refer to is now in svn. See:
> So how woud I make it to work with the existing  tomcat 6.0.18 ? 
In theory, if you download and compile trunk, you should be able to add the
three new files (2 class files and one properties file) for the listener to

> How long 
> would I have to wait to get it out of the box ( ie 6.0.19+)?
I need to propose it for 6.0.19 and then it needs 3 more +1 votes than -1
votes before it gets added. There also needs to be a 6.0.19 release for
which there are no plans at present.


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