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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5 war takes 4 to 7 minutes to deploy
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2008 16:04:16 GMT
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G Kontos wrote:
> The application does live on a VPS - Virtuozzo VPS.

My mail server runs on a VPS and it's /horrible/. I'm very unhappy. It
appears to lock up all the time and cause all kinds of problems when
using IMAP. I'm not sure about how Java would perform under these
conditions, but I couldn't recommend that anyone use VPS for anything
mission critical.

I have not had first-hand experience with other virtualization products
except for VMWare's workstation and player (host/guest setup) so I can't
tell whether this is a problem specifically with Virtuozzo or would be a
problem with any virtualized environment.

> In reference to disk io - We use the same VPS at work, and the applications
> deploy much faster.  Outside of my anecdotal support of the VPS, I don't
> know how I would get hard numbers for the disk io.  Of course, at work we
> use way more memory.

I wonder if you're getting a much smaller slice of the disk I/O in your
non-work setup. My experience is that they package the memory and CPU
percentages and sell those to you, but don't generally talk about the
disk I/O. Perhaps you could talk to your provider about increasing your
disk I/O share (if there is such a thing).

- -chris
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