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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [OT obviously] Re: Some Prilim questions
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:37:57 GMT
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Martin Gainty wrote:
> In other words if you have an opportunity to attack someone instead
> of providing an intelligent solution then yes by all means CHANGE the
> question (so you'll look good and the other guy looks like an
> idiot..) from a JDBC DataSource lookup to LDAP question..

Go back to the original question: it clearly says JNDI DataSource (i.e.
a connection pool) versus straight-JDBC connections without pooling.

> if the question is a comparison of a local  lookup vs remote lookups
> you will need a J2EE server and understand Remote architectures
> (which TC is not) and you will need to know how to setup and
> reference the remote object

Since "TC is not" whatever you are talking about, why bring it up?

> so I disgress back to the question

Technically, this nonsense is the digression. One does not generally
"digress back to" anything, but rather end the digression. But I digress...

> which is if I have a DB server in
> NY and I have a TC container running in India how do I acquire the
> fastest response for a DB Connection for my client ?

In this case, the answer is still the same: the connection pool is
faster than using unpooled connections.

> I can think of 2 options which I will discuss offline with the client
>  allowing chris and his/her political attack machine to continue ..

Christopher is generally a name chosen for male humans, and my parents
chose to follow in that tradition.

Look, Martin. I'm not trying to attack you politically. I'm trying to
ask you to carefully read questions before you respond. Your answers are
often ... confusing, to say the least. I have seen you answer some
questions brilliantly, which is maybe why I get so bent out of shape
when you give such an outlandish response.

- -chris
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