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Subject [OT obviously] Re: Some Prilim questions
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 08:18:28 GMT
Martin Gainty wrote:
> no no no..
> he was NOT talking about LDAP but a DB connection
> the statement stands
> even with a 'local TC reference' you STILL have to contact the server !
> there exists a company which sells server services for this very reason (if the op desires
to know i will pass this on)
> dont you have something/anything thats more constructive with your time 
> Dumbkopf!

(May I Chris?  Thank you in advance.)

So, Martin, (can I call you Al? I prefer Al - like the song), I'm
interested to know how you'll respond to this query.

I've carefully re-read this thread from the beginning to the point where
you responded with the following:

"the referenced jndi lookup in the webapp context is located in India
and the DB is in Ithaca NY the Indian JNDI lookup is considerably slower
than 'ordinary JDBC connection' from NY"

... and I'm wondering whether you had some off list conversation with
karthikn (the OP).  Because I can't really see any way you could deduce
that the DB is in Ithaca. Or in fact that the JNDI context is in India.
(Well, apart from the distinct possibility that the OP is in the Indian

Al, your answer is utterly irrelevant - the correct answers being:

 1. A JNDI connection pool is measurably faster
 2. Return the connection to the pool in most cases, subject to
    the implementation of the driver.

 - so I am puzzling over the word Ithaca. I suspect that it's a riddle,
but I'm not making a great deal of progress, Al.  Can you help?

Ithaca, I know - as I studied the classics for a while, is the home of
Odysseus.  Is this a Homerian reference I wondered?

And yet, Al, you mention NY.
And India!

So I searched Google... Of course!

The only result that mentions Ithaca NY and India in its title is:
"Bikram's Yoga College of India - Ithaca, NY, 14850 - Citysearch"

And there we have it, Al - you're a genius! 14850!
But what is the meaning of 14850?!

Is it  Public Communications, Inc's website!
We're on a public mailing list, this must be it!  But no... wait...

There's another possibility, ISO:14850! What's this?

"ISO 14850:2004 describes a procedure for measurements of gamma-emitting
radionuclide activity in homogeneous objects such as unconditioned waste
(including process waste, dismantling waste, etc.), waste conditioned in
various matrices (bitumen, hydraulic binder, thermosetting resins,
etc.), notably in the form of 100 L, 200 L, 400 L or 800 L drums, and
test specimens or samples, (vitrified waste), and waste packaged in a
container, notably technological waste. It also specifies the
calibration of the gamma spectrometry chain. The gamma energies used
generally range from 0,05 MeV to 3 MeV."

Al, I'm disturbed by this.  India *is* a nuclear power, and this *is* a
public standard, but I think we're moving into dangerous territory here.

What are you getting at I wondered?  Is there a deeper message regarding
nuclear power for OP to take back to his people?

A little more googling led me to Tarapur, where there's a nuclear waste
disposal and storage facility that, yes!, uses *vitrification*.

(I paused here, as I was thirsty and the second bottle was now empty.)

Tarapur, Al, Tarapur.  What are you trying to tell us, I mused.

Wikipedia has 5 references for places called Tarapur, in these states
Maharashtra - the nuke plant, Gujarat & Bihar - otherwise unremarkable.

Madhya Pradesh - is one of the best known centres for very unusual and
attractive bandanas!  Could this be it!?

Karthik, Chris, David, I nearly shouted out loud!  *BANDANAS*
It was so obvious to me now, I was amazed that I hadn't seen it straight

But then Al, I idly flicked the back button, to check the last link...
Tarapur, Orissa.  Three stupas (edicts), put up by Emperor Asoka, have
been discovered at Tarapur recently.

I was stunned Al.

* Ashoka the Great *
It crystallised in my mind quickly as the breadth of your vision appeared.

** Ashoka the Great **
"He who regards everyone amiably"

I knew Al, from my classical studies, that Ashoka The Great was a Hindu
by birth but later converted to Buddhism after the battle of Kalinga.

He subsequently declared in his edicts:
“There is no country, except among the Greeks, where these two groups,
Brahmans and ascetics, are not found, and there is no country where
people are not devoted to one or another religion."

This reference confirmed I had arrived in the right place!

Your message is revealed Al, as a message of peace and understanding,
for Ashoka is famous for his message of freedom, tolerance, and equality.

I was worn out from my exertions, but gloriously sated as I collapsed
into a drunken stupor.

Peace, Al, Peace.


* or Alice, I don't mind, Al.

> Martin 
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>> Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:35:05 -0400
>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Some Prilim questions
> David,
> David Smith wrote:
>>>> I have no idea where you are going with this ... it makes no sense to
>>>> the original question.
> Aah... there's your problem. Martin's not good with these things.
> On the other hand, /one/ part of his statement does make sense:
>>>> Martin Gainty wrote:
>>>>> the referenced jndi lookup in the webapp context is located in
>>>>> India and the DB is in Ithaca NY the Indian JNDI lookup is
>>>>> considerably slower than 'ordinary JDBC connection' from NY
> This is true: if your LDAP server is geographically far from your app
> server, then the lookup of your JNDI object could take a long time. What
> Martin doesn't realize is that Tomcat always stores JNDI-based
> DataSource objects locally, so this situation will never happen.
> Martin's statement is a red herring: true, but irrelevant.
> -chris
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