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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Master for PHP Hosting?
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:58:50 GMT
Its called a 'web service'.

Make your tomcat application a web service. Use a php application to 
invoke it. Distribute the php applications to the php servers.

The php application has a user interface and generates the invocation 
request (probably as an xml file). Your 'MASTER' does the business logic 
and generates a reply, either as an xml file which you can use XSLT in 
php to render or some other form.

If you really wanted to get sophisticated you could write a tomcat 
application that generated most/all of the php against some 
specification and style the displayed pages with css.

There are, of course, numerous standards and implementations for web 
services. You could also make it an AJAX app if you wanted to.



Johnny Kewl wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is anything like this already...
> What I need (want to do) is turn TC into a Virtual PHP hosting system...
> This is the idea... one can layout a html/PHP site in tomcat...
> Then point that at distributed servers out there, and use the "remote 
> links" in JSP, servlets etc.
> And it just happens... ie those "Virtual Sites" are deployed to remote 
> httpd servers and it all just works.
> Then there could be intelligent processing, like a form submitted to a 
> remote PHP site is processed by tomcat... there will be bridges but I 
> havnt got that all thought thru yet...
> Then the idea is that from the company you run TC... its the brain... 
> but it now can take advantage of all the cheap hosting PHP sites out 
> there...
> A kind of load sharing system... that can make use of dumbed down 
> hosting sites...
> And one develops on tomcat as if it was all right there on your machine...
> The thing I'm after is making a kinda TC MASTER...
> I dont know what others find, but locally if I talk to hosting services 
> and mention Tomcat... I get a Oooooh, that will cost more... like its 
> rocket science or something...
> So I want to put tomcats brain into PHP without giving the brilliant 
> admin dude a cranial embolism.
> I think intelligence can actually be made very light... and the plebs 
> can do the heavy lifting...
> So in the end... the home site is the brain... running a whole worker 
> population out there.
> ... Anyway thats the idea... does anyone know if there is anything like 
> this already?
> ... TC as a PHP god... sort of thing.
> Thanks
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