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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat6.0.18+Log entries upon shutting down TomCat
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 09:19:38 GMT
Johnny Kewl wrote:
> Look I dont know, I've never seen this, we dont run the latest as policy...
> But I would drop back a few TC versions...
Given, downgrading is really bad
advice. Added to which, it won't change anything.

> I think a wrapper represents a servlet instance... (guess)... and
> 253,020 sounds like a huge number.
It is, and my previous on this thread explains it.

> I think you should be concerned... whether it is a TC issue or a Webapp
> issue you only going to discover if you try a few TC's that have been
> around for a while...
Trying different Tomcat versions isn't going to help.

> I think document your entire system.... the JRE as well... and if it
> does not show in an earlier TC, let the dev group know....
No need, we already know. As would you if you had a) used Google, b) looked
in Bugzilla or c) searched the archives for this list.

> The thing that would tell you that there is definitely an issue, is if
> you watch the memory during the load test... if thats getting less and
> less with time.... its crashing...
I think you mean free memory here. Increasing memory usage during a load
test isn't necessarily an issue as long as it levels off eventually. If you
suspect a memory leak the only real way to be sure is to use a profiler and
look at the actual usage.

> It seems to be holding servlets in memory and making new ones... it may
> not be TC... you now have to experiment....
No need to experiment. A little research was all that was required.


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