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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Share war file / virtual hosts
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 19:52:21 GMT
Mathias P.W Nilsson wrote:
> Thanks very much!

> By reading your thread I guess that a tomcat solution is out of the
> question?

No, I would not even dare to suggest that !
I don't want to be expelled from this list. ;-)
I was just proposing an alternative using things I know better than Tomcat.
But it seems from the previous answer by Chuck, that there should be no 
problem with Tomcat after all.

When Chuck says that you do not need the <Alias>, he is of course right, 
but he does not say why, so let me :

The "default Host" is the one that handles all requests for which Tomcat 
tries to find a matching Hostname, and fails.
If there is a single Host under Tomcat (your case), then that Host is 
(duh) automatically the "default Host".
And since you do not have a matching Host for either
"" nor "", Tomcat defaults to your default 
Host to handle the requests for those (also).
And it would default to that one for any other requests that find 
physically their way to your Tomcat, no matter what "Host:" header they 

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