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From Heiko Klein <>
Subject Problems upgrading from 6.0.14 to 6.0.18
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 13:02:23 GMT
Due to the announce security bug I wanted to 
upgrade tomcat from 6.0.14 to 6.0.18.

Tomcat is running on a VPS on a Linux box with kernel 2.6.18. The 
application has been running for a while without any problems with 
tomcat 6.0.14. Load is difficult to measure due to invisible load on 

After the upgrade, I got the following problems:

* running with the NIO http connector, tomcat crashed with a 'Too many 
open files' exception Too many open files
         at Method)
         at Source)
         at Source)

* running with the apr connector, tomcat crashed silently, even when 
shutting down it complained about threads it didn't managed to shut down.

* with apr and blocking http connector, I got problems with 
cookies-handling and the advise to use Base64 encoding for cookies.

After two month struggling to get tomcat in a stable state, I switched 
back to tomcat 6.0.14 with the original NIO connector:
     <Connector port="80"
                maxSpareThreads="20" />
and everything worked without problems again. I made sure that I didn't 
use 'allowLinking' so I'm not in danger of the vulnerability.

I hope somebody has some ideas what has gone wrong. I would like to 
known what I should look for when upgrading the next time.

Best regards,


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