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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: JVM config for tomcat5.5
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2008 18:20:27 GMT
Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> Martin Gainty:
I think the main issue (which has also been touched in several other 
threads recently) is some level of confusion with the Tomcat Windows 
Installer, and what one finds oneself with in the Tomcat_install_dir/bin 
directory in that case.

Instead of having the "normal" series of,, etc.. files in Tomcat/bin, you only find a 
tomcat(x).exe and a tomcat(x)W.exe there, basically.
No trace of an explicit command "$JAVA -jar bootstrap.jar ..." kind of 
command, no script with a path to the Java being used etc..

It works very well in terms of running Tomcat as a Windows Service, but 
it seems that as soon as people try to add some external things, they 
get very confused as to where things are.

One has to dig quite a bit to figure out that this tomcat(x).exe is in 
fact an instance of "procrun" (or rather "prunsrv" ?), belonging to the 
Apache Commons Daemon module, which does some (relatively unexplained) 
wizardry to wrap up a Java from somewhere (also rather unexplained) with 
the Tomcat executable and make it act as a Windows Service.

If one of the experts on the subject were to provide some clearer 
explanation of this whole thing, it would be nice.

Not to make too fine a point about it, but the above looks to me eerily 
similar to the case where users install a "non official" pre-packaged 
version of Tomcat under Linux. ;-)

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