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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: jstack and Tomcat 6 on Windows
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 20:57:21 GMT
Brian Clark wrote:
> Hello,
> I run Tomcat 6.0.x as a service on Windows 2003, using Sun JDK 1.6. I was trying to use
the jstack program, part of the JDK, to get a stack dump from Tomcat/Java on my server. However,
I ran into a problem. First of all, Tomcat on Windows seems to "hide" the JVM instance. Java
doesn't show up in my process listing. I tried running jstack against the  Tomcat PID but
it errored out. 
> Any idea how to make jstack work with Tomcat running as a service on Win2k3?
I can't answer your question, but a look here might provide a clue :

That seems to be the way in which Tomcat is now implemented under 
Windows. Versions prior to 5.5 used to have a structure similar to the 
Unix version, with startup.bat and catalina.bat invoking Tomcat via 
Java, but that seems to have changed nowadays.

Also, if it might help somewhat : open a command window and navigate to 
the Tomcat/bin directory. Then, instead of running tomcat as a service, 
just enter the "tomcatx.exe" command (where x is probably 6 in your 
case) (not the tomcatxW.exe). That will run Tomcat in the command 
window, maybe easier for you to figure out what is going on.
Not for me though.

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